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Jolt3D! SDK v4.42 (July 25, 2008)

This mini-version fixes some problems with v4.41. Enjoy

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Jolt3D! Official 48-Demos-In-One (August 24, 2007)

This is the official Jolt3D! Demo !
It contains 48 demos, each one showing an engine's feature.
NOTE: the current version uses the 4.32 version of Jolt3D!

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Jolt3D! World Editor v2.43 (November 14, 2007)

This is actually the v2.42 with some extras:
The editor is using now the current v4.34 jolt3d version,
and has some additional fixes, which you can read about
on changes.txt in the zipped file.

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Jolt3D! Window Editor v0.28 (April 9, 2006)

This is the latest Window Editor. The main fixes are:

  • Fix a serious bug when u modifying the PS jump values in EditBoxes.
  • Now when u load/save a window, the path will be remembered next time u try to load/save.
  • Add 'Enabled' checkbox in DropDown control.
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Jolt3D! Texture Editor v0.1a (March 11, 2006)

This is the first version v0.1a of the new utility Texture Editor.
This editor works like a quick multisaver, with few features. (yet)
U can load & save through the popular JPG,PNG,TGA,GIF & JIMG, and check how 'equal' are 2 same images (saved with different format), checking the loading/saving time & their compressed/uncompressed size.
NOTE: The main objective of this editor is to save JIMG images.
Check changes.txt inside zip.

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Jolt3D! Multiplayer Program v0.322 (May 7, 2006)

This is an utility for testing 'future' Jolt3D! Multiplayer Applications.
U can create Server(s) with specific IP (or Domain name) & port, with a maximum
number of 100 Clients (number will be dynamic when network system is fully working) connected to each Server.
NOTE: This utility isnt needed for creating Jolt3D! multiplayer apps, only help users for understanding how Jolt3D! works with this object.
NOTE2: Please, test this program & send me reports about -how- it works (or if not works). The Jolt3D! source code for this program included.

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Jolt3D! Particle Editor v0.1 (October 5, 2006)

This is a New (remake) utility for creating custom Particle Systems that can be
loaded and rendered from Jolt3D!
Support the creation\saving\loading & importing of old-format JPS.

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