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What is the Jolt3D!
The Jolt3D! is a 3D Game Engine, designed by the start to give the EASIEST possible access to DirectX.
The true power of Jolt3D! is not only engine's abilities, but also the rapid installing & developing.
The engine is developing about 3 years now (1.5 year about released on internet) and is still continuing to update frequently.
Developed under MSVC++ 6.0 (in first versions until 3.0 if i remember correctly) & MSVC .NET 2003 for the latest versions.
The current DirectX SDK that Jolt3D! using is DirectX 9.0c April's 2005. (second edition in 'c' revisions)

The Jolt3D! created using these 2 kinds of PCs:
  • AMD Duron 800MHz, GeForce MX 440 & Radeon 9200
  • AMD Athlon64 2800+, GeForce 6600GT
The graphic cards that engine was tested (in time order), are:
  • Rage 128 Pro (poor performance & quality, but jolt3d worked with it)
  • GeForce MX 440 (great quality & performance, althrough several shaders & abilities like bumpmapping doesnt supported)
  • Radeon 9200 (great quality & performance, all-goes-well with this one)
  • GeForce 6600GT (what to say about this diamond? all are just superb. Engine is FULLY working with this card)
Currently, the Jolt3D! demand just only a C++ language (MSVC++ 6.0, MSVC .NET 2003, Dev C++) to operate.
Also, cause of the reason that engine is created by using the April's 2005 DirectX 9.0c SDK,
it -demands- the file D3DX9_25.DLL for Jolt3D! created apps to run. This is because Microsoft updates the Direct3D extensions.
Itll be stopped when a new DX version it comes...But until then, be sure to have this file.
The installing process is discussed very clearly for each of the above 3 languages inside the of each Jolt3D! SDK version.

I hope u enjoy it as much i enjoy it in creation.
--Savvas Eleftheriadis aka VLZVL