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July 13, 2008

the new version is ready,
check the changes.txt inside it,
thanx for the support

HERE u can download the Jolt3D! SDK v4.41


March 25, 2008 (1821AC, Independence Day of Greece)

this is the real version, not a joke ;)
First i wanted to say sorry for the long delay
but i got into a remove-dependencies frenzy...
Anyway, just get the version & post results/bugs etc.

HERE u can download the Jolt3D! SDK v4.4


December 6, 2007

The new release is finally here (at last, im gonna sleep a bit :) )
That one really tires me because i had to develop two new systems in parallel;
the new (independent) video system & the skeletal-animation system.
I hope my work is stable but only tests will show...
Nothing more to say, just check changes.txt, & enjoy!
NOTE: The Skeletal-Animation system needs a good demo; w8 a bit
to upload such one, because the system isnt so easy (yet) or try it yourself!

HERE u can download the Jolt3D! SDK v4.36


September 24, 2007

Another version with more fixes than previous but with also a great (i suppose)
feature which is called JPEG-2000; yes the engine can read now jp2/j2k/jpc files
using the OpenJpeg ( library.
Also, there was a general fixation in textures topic, at format level. More texture
formats are now supported, in pixel-manipulation level, by Jolt3D!
The cartoon Shading effect has been finally corrected at whole. Border (ink-pencil)
has finally inserted & can also be manually set! (at size)
A new landscape format have been inserted, the L3DT (large 3d terrain),
and a few things more...check the changes.txt as always!

HERE u can download the Jolt3D! SDK v4.34


August 24, 2007

A bit faster this time...
Well, i worked really hard this time (because i was having some..time) so
from where to start; A* Path finding is now supported & even a demo is
ready (in official) so you can start study it.
Many fixes along the way (including BSP patches, check a .bsp level)
, this time the DOF lighting problem -REALLY- fixed (im sorry because ive
sayed this in previous version..). Same in cartoon shading!
Because im gonna upload this thing, check the changes.txt, C Y A!

HERE u can download the Jolt3D! SDK v4.32
HERE u can also download the Official Demo.


August 1, 2007

At last the new version is here & sorry for the delay (as always :>) but as you
may know after exams period things must be set first; (home changing,
,network down,desire gone etc.) At least ive passed all #$%$% lessons :)
In new version now, there are some really nice fixes & features but some of them
need an implementation on official demo (MD3 animation, lens flare effect).
because of their 'math' complexity.
Also, ive managed to remove any memory leak possible (mostly when loading models)

HERE u can download the Jolt3D! SDK v4.3


April 21, 2007

This was really the slowest update till Jolt3D! creation but i needed some
rest (and i mean 'programming' rest :) ) after so many updates...
Here is the new version, bringing two highlights; MySQL Client support and
Depth-of-Field effect, along with a number of much-needed fixes.
Nothing more to say, enjoy it & please post about problems/requests, cya

HERE u can download the Jolt3D! SDK v4.25


January 28, 2007

The new package is at last ready & im really sorry for all
these frequent slow updates; The reason was Christmas & the
next reason (for next version) will be my exams (end in 3 weeks)
so a good time for requests is now.
About the engine now, it contains several minor fixes/changes
and a new function that can check for wall-collision;
You can use it for 'disallowing' moving over walls for example,
which is (very) helpful in games.
NOTE: This package contains -all- jolt3d products, but only the 3
of them are updated; engine itself, window editor & official demo.

HERE u can download the Jolt3D! Package v4.2


November 28, 2006

finally, the new version is completed.
The big change/feature is that now Jolt3D! has its own
sound engine. (bass isnt supported anymore)
Some abilities: 2D/3D sound, EAX 2.0, WAV/OGG support.
(Note that the real 'feature' is that it hasnt licence :) )
Also added the 'jSet_Texture_Quality_Level()' which can help
creating different detail(s) for same texture(s).
For the full list, check the changes.txt
NOTE: The new World Editor 2.42 can be downloaded as well.

HERE u can download the Jolt3D! v4.15


October 5, 2006

this time the version came quicker because ive completed finally
the damn exams (until the next ones in February :) )
About the changes now, there is a number of Network changes which will
help a lot about knowing the reason of why-server-didnt-accept-me.
Also, there is an improvement to particle system due to releasing of the
new Particle Editor (for creating\saving\loading\importing JPS files)
And finally "many bug fixes". (ill hardcode this somewhere :) )

HERE u can download the Jolt3D! v4.1


September 16, 2006

Hey, Its been some time from last release but i think the new version will pay for it.
First of all the Newton Game Dynamics 1.53, or the new physics engine for Jolt3D!
is here. The funcs supported in this version are only for a smooth 'transition' from
Tokamak; Wait many more from the engine.
Some core-level changes allows the correct alpha-blending and alpha-transparency
for material or textured objects.
Also, funcs added for handling permanent font installation; That is, you can install
Windows-supported fonts (TTF,TOF,TTC,FNT,FON) directly from file & create fonts
instantly! Much useful for Jolt3D! apps using unique fonts.
Finally, a lot of a heck changes; better read the changes.txt from engine's SDK.

HERE u can download the Jolt3D! v4.0


Jule 25, 2006

This is the second package & contains the new Jolt3D! v3.9, the new World Editor v2.4,
the new Window Editor 0.3 and finally the new Texture Editor 0.2.
Beside the engine, which as always has many improves & fixes, the utilities are the big
hit this month: The world editor comes with a number of serious fixes, making the
World's creation in a much more 'safe' way, the Window Editor will help you in designing
your own windows for your app/game, and about Texture Editor there arent much to say :).
Im using it much more of all of you cause JIMG is my main work these days.
NOTE: The next engine version -maybe- will not come in usual time (a month) cause my
exams were scheduled around September, which means i need 2 weeks before this time
period for readying my reading powers (ok, i need some rest, i cant even write :) )
Check my new package & fill the forum with new requests/bugs, i check'em all but not
for a while...

HERE u can download the Jolt3D! Package v3.9.


June 27, 2006

The new Jolt3D! is ready & comes with a general bug-fixing.
Many objects have improved, including both handling & speed, like the 'jLoad_JWRL()'.
Some texture filters, at pixel level, have inserted.
Also, a landscape needs a lot fewer system memory now for being loaded (6 times
exactly!), making possible & faster the loading/creation of bigger maps.
2 new functions added for a better file handling, 'jGet_Drives()' and 'jGet_Files()', which
their code used previously for jolt3d window system itself.
Finally, the source code of 'jLoad_JWRL()' is inserted to this .zip for debugging purposes.
(Use this func instead of 'jLoad_JWRL()' to find possible bugs like crushes & tell me)
Really final, the utilities will come a bit later (a week at the most), sorry.

HERE u can download the Jolt3D v3.85.


May 27, 2006

Hi to all,
This version comes a bit faster than previous, cause exams starting in a week,
so i will be a little 'out' of Jolt3D! developing for a while. (until July beginning)
So, the most 'highlighted' new features of this v3.8 are:
a) Support for BASS Audio Library v2.2: (u need bass.DLL, which included)
MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WAV, AIFF formats supported, plus 3D Sound & EAX Effects.
Note: if u planning a commercial product, read carefully the BASS Licence.
b) Many fixes & addons in 'Collision Detection' topic. Check out user guide.
c) Add 8 Fire Effects. U can use them as single, updated-over-time textures. Check 'jBuild_Fire_Texture()'.
d) Add time-synchronization for both VSync & non-VSync modes, such 'jGet_LS_Ground()', Beam effect, etc.

HERE u can download the Jolt3D v3.8.


May 7, 2006

The new Jolt3D! is ready & comes with many, network at the most, improvements.
One of them is the ability now to send quickly messages WITHOUT being 'merged'
(as the TCP/IP 'streaming' forces).
Also, the editbox system of Jolt3D! was redesigned, providing now lossless char typing &
all possible 'shifted' symbols, along with some bug fixes.
(This system will released as a single function in other version, for users who wants such
a system but not in jolt3d! window system)
Finally, tons of bug-fixing, mostly in network system, which is currently under development.
NOTE: Dont forget to use the 'Multiplayer Utility v0.322' if u planning network app with
Jolt3D! Check the changes.txt inside the .zip.

HERE u can download the Jolt3D v3.75.


April 9, 2006

Hello again,
the new version of engine (v3.72) is released, along with World Editor v2.35
and Window Editor v0.27.
The Jolt3D! Network System seems to work well now (but i need more reports from other
users to be sure about that).
Engine can now load .OBJ Alias|WaveFront & .COB Caligari TrueSpace Models (used
already in World Editor)
Also, curved surfaces (or 'smooth hills' if u prefer) added in World Editor ! U can now
easily create hills or lakes in your landscape. (This feature comes from engine itself, from
'jSet_LS_Bounding_Height_Curved()' function)
..and of course some minor bug fixes. Enjoy

HERE u can download the new releases.

** Velzevoul

March 11, 2006

Hello again after about a month of hard coding,
I know that i was a little 'more' slow this time but i wanted to give u something more instead of just bug fixes & small features. Now im here with Animated .X models (needs a little more testing due to my limited library of .X) but was stable in many cases.
The Jolt3D! Winsock source is included in this version, for a possible fix from everyone. Also, if anyone wants to use this code (for personal reasons), is free to do it, but dont ask -me- how it works.
Also, check out the new Demo 43-demos-in-one, including source as always.
A new utility, Texture Editor v0.1a is released and can be used like a quick multisaver & the -main- JIMG saver (Jolt3D! official texture). Only one thing i want; Please test JIMG & post any report about it. (Its good; bugs; etc.)
Finally, the new (minor) version of Window Editor v0.27 is ready with only 2, but -very serious- bug fixes.

HERE u can download the new releases.


February 8, 2006

im here again with the new engine v3.63 & world editor v2.32. The hard period is off now so ill be 'hitting' the engine until the start of new school period. Some requests are done (bounded set texture/height in world editor), i hope some bugs was fixed (like the known bug of models-doesnt-show-up-but-theyre-loaded). Also, the ZIP functions improved a lot (support directories & files inside subdirs in zip) & u can now handle infinite zip number (structures instead of indexes). Also the first approach to a 'Splash Screen' method was started (check the 'jUpdate_Progress_Function()'). With this u can create splash/loading screens by drawing -directly- to screen.

HERE u can download the Jolt3D v3.63 & World Editor v2.32.


January 20, 2006

Hello there,
Ok now, the new jolt3d is ready with major/minor fixes (especially in media topic; music & video). The Ogg streaming is now supported (see the user guide for explanation about this), and also some other fixes. This version isnt featured cause i wanted to improve some things. Also, ive fixed some strange light attentuation problems in some cards & drivers (old & ATI ones) but theyre fixed in this version. Also, add software cursor if cards doesnt support hardware at specific resolutions; The software cursor is visually same with HW, except that is related to current FPS; if slow, then the cursor will be slow too...But u can be sure that jolt3d apps that using HW cursors in cards that doesnt support it, the cursors will be shown! Finally, my exams getting over in a week so ill have time then for a full developing...
NOTE: Im sorry for the delay.

HERE u can download the Jolt3D v3.6.


December 29, 2005

This is surely my hardest period; Reading for exams & developing engine; Im sorry for my dissapearring (i dont even see the forum from 11 till today,29) but as u know (probably) im changing places in situations like this (christmas) so i must spend time to organize a little the things. But the engine is everytime here! So, cause i dont want to trouble u with many download links ive decided to create a jolt3d package (the first one; more will come) that handle 2+ jolt3d applications. The current package contains:Engine itself (v3.57), World Editor (v2.3), Window Editor (v0.2b) and the Multiplayer (v0.2, a little changed). This package has also another benefit; all jolt3d apps shares the same DLL & also are more well organized. NOTE: this engine version IS MISSING the VIDEO functions; This is not an error, but an issue with the MSVC++ 8.0 (2005); Ill solve it until next jolt3d version.

HERE u can download the Package v.357.


December 11, 2005

Finally, the new version v3.55 is ready.
Many bug-fixes (really many), many new functions & improvements of old ones, a general improvement of .JIMG (Jolt3D! texture format), a big improvement in Window System in the process of making it more flexible, and finally the coming of Winsock 2.0 Network System in place of DirectPlay8.
The Winsock is a low-level Network API, which Windows are using for their networks jobs; Its more hard than DirectPlay8 to coding, but its more -faster- & direct; Even the DirectPlay8 use it, but instead Jolt3D! use it directly, giving the most possible speed. Check the program ive upload few days ago for real testing...

HERE u can download the latest (v3.55) engine's version.


October 18, 2005

Well, its been some time from my last update, but this means more fixes for this
version (about 30), so i think its ok...
The first 'big' change is that ONLY a vertex buffer is needed for a geometry (model),
so everything works faster now (it was mine fault the multiple vbuffers, sorry), also
the landscape now support gouraud shading in an extremely speed (from loading) &
also custom shading. (useful for editors --used in next world's editor)
Also the first version of draw manager (check 'Switches' topic) will help in outdoor
scenes were objects are many & very far; currently its a little limited but dont worry...
Finally, a big number of fixes. Hope u enjoy it, cya

HERE u can download the latest (v3.5) engine's version.


September 9, 2005

These 2 uploads are my last updates for now...
Expect new versions, editors & features after september; Maybe some minor updates
will take place inside september but they will be for correctin' problems.
So, until next releases, ill check overtime the 'Requests' forum for adding things.
Ill keep continue sending posts of course; just engine will be not updating frequently.
this hard period...
yg: Here u can download the updated World (v2.26b) & Window Editors (v0.11b).


September 8, 2005

At last this thing 's finally over! Hope it fixes some nasty, hardware bugs (like video)
as well some other graphic ones. I havent the courage :) to write the changes to this
version; just check the changes.txt inside the .zip
Tomorrow ill (maybe) upload the updated world+window editor (not many changes, just
for compatibility with latest engine's version.
yg: Here u can download the new Jolt3D! version.


September 2, 2005

this version isnt including any fancy feature but some fixes (for DevC++) here & there,
and some function improvements.
Also some general (and popular) structures have changed to 'remove' any direct link
to Direct3D, like the VEC2/VEC3 (now JVEC2/JVEC3) and D3DXMATRIX (now JMATRIX).
My plans from now on will be on editors (until the starting of school period) and more
specifically new ones like fonts/texture/model editors.
yg: Here u can download the new Jolt3D! version.


August 26, 2005

both the new Engine's version v3.35 & World Editor v2.25b are ready!
Go to downloads page for get them.
Note that the world editor needs more fixing; Ive decided to upload it
now for the compatibility of the v1.1 JWRL version (the engine read now).
A more full world editor will be ready in few days; Im not sure for this cause
i must work with Winsock too (and other editors as well)...
well see, cya


August 20, 2005

I finish the first Jolt3D! Winsock 2.2 approach to the new networking!
The only thing that it needs (ecpect from HUGE optimization & developing)
is to know that it working ACROSS 2 computers. It worked to me WHEN i started
2 apps (this program), one with server mode & the other with client, with same
port (and client using server's ip), but i want to know if its working right
in distanced PCs. If everyone has the time, test it & tell me.
(if u find anything that u dont understand tell me)


August 10, 2005

Today we have 3 new downloads!


August 5, 2005

Welcome to the new page of Jolt3D!
Im sorry for the bad state of site lately, but it wasnt my fault.
It seems that after an 'attack' of 'malicius' (as the xoops-team says) hackers on xoops sites, my site was totally messed-up, but actually no data was changed.
But EACH day (in half of it) was UNAVAILABLE for someone to enter...So, i decided to throw away all the XOOPS stuff (i dont have anything with this software, is very hard-worked but its too much me; i prefer simple html like the one u see this time :) )
Also, im not a java/css/php etc. guru, nor have the knowledge to fix something if its 'broken'.
This site was served me ROYALTY about 1 year in the past & i decided to put it up on work again :).
Hope u find it more desirable & easily-navigated than previous, cya